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PlexTrac Ideas

Welcome to the PlexTrac Ideas Portal

Our mission is to empower teams to win the right cybersecurity battles! Your feedback is essential to us and is a critical aspect of our planning process. Our ideas portal is a place where PlexTrac customers can submit and vote on ideas across the PlexTrac product suite: Administration, Analytics, Assessments, Clients, Content Library, Integrations, Intelligence Prioritization, Reports, Runbooks

When you submit a new idea, you can expect the product team to review it within a week and follow up with you if needed. Please add new ideas, comment on ideas to share your use case, and vote for the ideas that you would like to see happen!

Note: The idea’s portal is not a promise to deliver features.

đź’ˇIdea statuses

The Aha! product team will update the status of each idea.

  • Under Review: This idea is not currently on our roadmap. We are awaiting more feedback.

  • Likely to implement: The idea is now on PlexTrac’s roadmap, and you can expect to see some flavor of it in the app at some point.

  • Planning to implement: This idea is currently in development and will likely be available in the coming weeks.

  • Complete: This idea has been implemented and is live for customers.

  • Already Exists: a form of this idea has already been implemented in the platform

  • Unlikely to Implement: This idea is not a good fit for our roadmap and is unlikely to advance.

đź’¬ Closing the loop

The Aha! product team will update the status of each idea to let you know where it stands in our product development cycle. Please edit your notification settings in the Idea’s Portal to get notified.

đź“š Resources

We also have a bunch of useful resources available to help you get the most out of the Aha! product suite:

  • Product updates — Read our Documentation Portal to stay informed of new functionality, improvements, and fixes.

  • Support — Have a question or experiencing an issue? Contact our team of product development experts to get help fast.



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Method to show number of times a finding was detected in Analytics

We would like to begin producing blog articles and other thought leadership pieces that leverage analytics data from PlexTrac. We would like to be able to filter on a given client tag (e.g. "Healthcare") and see how many times a given finding was ...
1 day ago in Analytics 0 Under Review

Ability to query assets via API for given tags

No description provided
4 days ago in General Enhancements 0 Under Review

Allow "Track Changes" and "Comment" Peer Review Features in Draft WriteUps DB Repository Entries

During our WriteUps process, we would like the ability to perform a peer review on the Draft repository we use. It would be great to have the same "Track Changes" and "Comment" feature that findings in reports have. This will greatly support our p...
4 months ago in NarrativesDB and WriteupsDB 1 Planning to Implement

Sub status changes should trigger an email notification

No description provided
7 days ago in Administration 0 Under Review

Scope Auto-save to individual narrative section (Multi-user support)

We need to enable multiple people to work on the narrative section simultaneously without overwriting one another. Why is this needed? All engagements have 2+ people teams. While report writing individuals will author different narrative sections....
7 months ago in Reports General 6 Likely to Implement

Identify Repo to Writeup in Parser Actions

No description provided
15 days ago in NarrativesDB and WriteupsDB 0 Under Review

Writeup DB Pagination

No description provided
15 days ago in NarrativesDB and WriteupsDB 0 Under Review

Move report from one client to another within Web UI

No description provided
6 months ago in Administration / Reports General 7 Likely to Implement

Version Control on Reports

Presently there is no way to undo changes to a report such as adding findings to the wrong report other than to try to figure out which findings were most recently added which cannot be easily identified in your platform. The ability to roll back ...
6 months ago in Reports General 1 Under Review

Qualys - accept COMPLIANCE_POLICY_REPORT types on your parser

I have a COMPLIANCE_POLICY_REPORT Qualys scan that while it doesn't error out on import into PlexTrac, it only shows 3 findings brought in when there should be hundreds of findings. I will be continuing to use these Qualys report types and will ne...
28 days ago in Integrations 0 Under Review